Remove Woocommerce price filter

Hello! I want to remove the price filter from my shop, I don’t need it because there won’t be that many products to display. (Take a look I have tried with different snippets in my child-themes functions.php, but no luck yet. Could you provide me with a peace of code that would do the job? I’m using Enfinity_theme by Pixedelic. Thanks!

Better contact theme author here for exact solution :

By the time he gets to your query:

** Check if it is coming through : Appearance > Widgets

** You can also hide it through child theme’s style.css

#woocommerce_filter_section .adaptive.alignright { display:none; }

Thank you, that code removed the price filter bar. I still have left the “order by” -filter, which is unnecessary to me also. Plus the gray background of the both. You don’t happen to have a code for that as well? :slight_smile:

For now this should work:

#woocommerce_filter_section { display: none; }

Still please check with author :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, now everything looks fine and I can finally call it aday and kick back with a glass of wine. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Hey Nora, when I wrote on I meant you have to contact me by using the theme comments. However, glad to see you’ve fixed and thank tansh, I would rate you with 5 stars if I could, but I can’t so: Five stars