Remove space between images on the preview page

I am sure this topic has been discussed before but I could not find a solution, is there any way to remove the bottom margin between images on the preview page, the 10px margin is not working for the banner that I use ?

Thnak you.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to remove that spacing. It is very annoying though. :confused:

I agree I wish I knew that before working on the design :frowning:

Thank you for your replay.

What about the top bar with envato market can that be removed I see now that is not possible anymore, is there any way to remove that?

Thank you.

In some browsers you can still do that with a little bit of JavaScript (see How to link preview to my own website URL not themeforesrt?), but the more modern browsers are moving to block this kind of thing by default to prevent abuse, including Chrome. There’s no workaround.

Thank you…