Remove quick view from my woocommerce theme

Whats up, guys! I am using a ThemeForest theme called Digitech and I woulk like to remove the “quick view” option from my products. I already tried some custom CCS codes, but I did not make it. I am using Woocommerce. Could somebody help?


Please check theme options. I think in theme options there should be a settings for ‘quick view’ on/off.


Thank you for the fast answer. I already looked after it, but I couldn’t find it. I am not sure that this theme has the on/off option.

I am not familiar with your concerned theme but I think definitely should have option to switch ‘quick view’ mode for woocommerce/product. You can check again in woocommerce/product settings theme options. Otherwise you have 2 ways to do that:

  1. using custom coding
  2. using custom css to make display: none; for ‘quick view’ icon/button

I added this code and it worked :smiley:

.shop-products .gridview .quickview {
display: none;

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I just bought the April Woocommerce Theme and the quick view option on/off doesn’t work
i’ve tried the css custom code and still showing it!
Please help!

may be your theme using different classs and not as like this:
.shop-products .gridview .quickview

you have to find out exact class name for your theme and write css accordingly. Also you can check theme options.

thanks for the answering, but the selector on/off in theme options it is not working
i don’t like the quick view button…I tested so many themes today, the April theme was the best, but this bug is killing me :sob: