Remove Property Booking Form

Hello All. I purchased the WpRental Theme and I like it a lot.
However, I would like to remove the Booking Form on Property page and I will insert a contact form instead.

Can someone guide me to remove the form in the property sidebar please?


Is this the item?

If so, you should try contacting the author. They have their own support forum here.

From my own experienceS, no authors have provided any support when they know that we got our themes from Envato Elements - This is very sad because sometimes it’s just basic questions that are not part of the docs/help file provided. It would be great that authors from Envato Elements provide at least very basic support when a bug is reported nor it’s not working as it’s supposed to. Every time I am asked to buy a license to get support, this is so counterproductive.

You can use custom css to remove it.
To remove the booking form all together:
.booking_form_request {
display: none;
To just remove the calender:
.has_calendar {