remove featured item on this week??

Hi everyone. Somebody knows why removed featured item of this week???

Because it had almost been copied from another track.

Mine copied this track )))


Unfortunately yes(
It’s strange that envato didn’t pleased someone else!)

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Was it your track which was removed from featured item?

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No, the featured item was a close copy of a very high-selling track by WildLion, so the new track was removed by Envato.

EDIT: Sorry, I think I got that all wrong, the original track was by Amaksi and it was copied by someone - I apologise for the confusion

I misunderstood. WildLion has no featured file or high-selling track. Who copied and from whom?

I just wonder, is this the first time ever when Envato did remove featured item or it was before?

If I remember correctly, it happens at least third time for the same reason (copy-paste of good seller).

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Don’t remember when or what item, but I definitely remember this happening before.


no no no guys , it’s not my copy that someone copied from @Amaksi )))

I blame Xerox - they always copy.


Even now they can print a best seller (books) :stuck_out_tongue:

was it your featured file which was deleted?

no ))) :grinning:

Why you wrote this "Mine copied this track )))"
Did You mean "Man copied this track?

Oh no , I meant in my opinion )
sorry for my mistake (

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No problem man. I just thought so that there was a mistake. That’s why i understood wrong.

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