Remove Favorites

I can not seem to figure out how to remove items from my Favorites. A previous post answer says “go to your item page choice your item and from edit tab use delete” but I do not see any “edit” tab, or any tab for that matter. Can someone explain how this is done? Thanks!

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Hi! Good question, I also do not see the removal of favorites.


For removing items from your Favorites. Yoi have to unclick the love sign. the Items are clicked the Love sign the love sign will get colored and make that item your Favorites item. So, for unclick the love sign you have to browse favorites page there you will find your item and just make unclick the love sign.



Yes it works! @mgscoder Thanks for the advice! :wink:

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I see the problem now. Using Internet explorer the heart does not show when viewing favorites. when I switched to another browser (Edge on Windows 10) it shows up. Maybe something for the web developers to look at… thanks!