Reminder: Saved Searches Alerts


If you are an author on Envato Market, you will find very useful a forum feature named:
Saved Searches Alert.

Many customers are trying to get help for their bought items here, in the public forums, while you (the item author) might not even know about this.

With this forum feature, you can be notified each time when someone mentions your items in the public forums :wink:

Here is how it works, please try it, itโ€™s worth a try:


Definitely! All authors should take a moment to add their username as well as their most popular item names to their saved searches. There are still far too few people taking advantage of this power. :slight_smile:

It will look good when customers come to the forum asking for help with your items.


Thanks for mentioning it again! Itโ€™s a very helpful tool :grin: