Remaking track after hard reject. Is it posible?

Today I received the first hard reject with a typical comment " it was determined that this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle". And there was suspension of review 1 day befor it.

I understand that most likely this refusal was due to complex harmony in the bridge (3 times in the track is not the standard course of chords, which caused a dissonance). And, possibly, because of the long introduction.

At the same time I like the selection of sounds, melody and structure. and I would like to upload this track with the changes that made it more commercially viable.

So… My question is:
Is it enough to eliminate the dissonances by changing the chords in the bridge to simpler and more standard ones, and make the introduction shorter?

Or will it be necessary to change the tonality together with these changes?

Thank you for your answers)

Hi Malmarin,

I’d only change the dissonant chords and re-upload. Hard reject is pretty much like soft reject… only they don’t tell you what to fix.

Good luck!

Thank you)

It may also help if you would write on the comments to reviewer sections that it is an improved track from a past hd but with changes to improve it. It happened to me like this and then got approved.

Thank you. I thought about wrighting comment for reviewer about changes, when i ll upload item. I think, it will be better.

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Only after significant changes.

Thank you) but…
What does significant changes meen for you?

I uploaded this track:

It was hard rejected. After a year uploaded again with no changes and approved. Reviewers are human and subjective.

Thank you so much!)
very interesting example)

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So, I think there must be 3 kinds of reject. not 2.)) Hard, soft and “not so hard, but be careful”))))