Relevance of action-safe / title-safe areas nowadays

Hi people,

I’m planning my first videohive item and I’m wondering how relevant action and title safe areas nowadays are. When I did some stuff in PAL/NTSC resolution ages ago for old television devices this was always something to be aware of.

How do you see this issue for Full-HD (1920 x 1080) resolution for modern screen devices?

Are those areas still something you are aware of when you design your AE templates and stuff…?!

Thanks a lot

You never know where your template will finally end up been used. If it will be uploaded to youtube, no safe areas are need to be kept at all. But it could be broadcasted in FullHD or scaled down classic 4:3 televisions in any part of the world! So I assume keeping the safe areas in mind is still wise…

Thanks a lot, Steve!

Would love to hear some more opinions on that - especially if you videohive authors really actually always keep those areas safe in your After Effects templates.


Digital HD TVs still use overscan. It’s a legacy thing. They crop 10% of your picture off. So do many digital billboard formats. Internet and computer formats don’t.

So as a rule, if there’s any chance it may be shown on a TV set, old or new, now or in the future, then obey action safe.

Title safe is a guideline, where you should place titles to be nicely composed inside the frame. Action safe will be actually missing from your image on all TVs that are not capable of and not set to underscan.

Unless I know for a fact that my projects (Videohive or otherwise) are only going to be used on a computer monitor or internet, I always follow the safe zones.

If you’re clever with your comp sizes and collapse transformations inside an AE project, you can offer the customer both with no quality loss…(just a 10% blow up on the internet versions). But that would probably just confuse 'em.

Thank you!

yeah keep all text inside just action safe is what I go by now a-days just to be safe and also I believe it looks better and more professional because it has been the norm for so long.