Releasing a new edition of an existing project

I have recently rewritten (plus improved) an existing project that was over a year old. It is a NodeJs server starter kit that gives you user account management and credit card payment APIs out of the box; and the idea is that you add more APIs to the server that are specific to your site/ business to the server, so that you can focus on that.

I have questions related to the process of releasing a new edition like this. For your reference here are the projects:


  • I have added a deprecation notice to the old edition, that includes
    • the motivations for the rewrite
    • why I have chosen to keep two separate projects
    • Is there anything else I should include?
  • One of my customers for the old edition has been giving me a lot of feedback, much of which has influence the development of the new edition
    • I would like to give him the new edition at a discount as thanks
    • Is this possible in the Envato market? (e.g. ad-hoc discount codes, or get an admin to do this manually)
  • Are there any other things I should consider when releasing the new edition?

Much appreciated!


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Looks good… As a side note, your client who motivated and influenced you to make the new version should just get a copy free of charge. Getting a discount is not exactly “special” as you get those anywhere you go.

That’s great that your buyers cna help you shape a new product.

A few things to consider:

  • Unless this is a ‘new item’ i.e one that goes through the review process then all you can do is to ‘update’ the original file (no matter how radical the change is) meaning that all your existing buyers (including the one who helped) would receive the new version for free.

If you don’t want this to be the case then you would need to submit this new file as a completely separate file. Bear on mind to do this that the new one has to be noticeably different.

  • In regards to your helpful customer. Unfortunately there are no options for ad-hoc style discounts and as you are an exclusive author so technically you cannot give out free copies without breaching your author agreement.

If I were you I owuld email envato and explain your upgrade to get the opinion on if this would pass as a new file or have to be an upgrade on the original.

Good luck

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes indeed, I have submitted it as a new item, explaining the scope of the differences, and it has already been accepted.

Yeah, pity about that technicality! I wish there was the option for me as an author to do that.


No worries - good luck