Release Forms..What type should i use??

First time seller on envato need help.

I have made few sticker animation where no building or person face are there, and when i leave “Release Form” option blank it ask for “release form” to submit.

So I want to know what type of release form should i submit ?? And form where i can download release form??

If there are no any building or person face in your item, you should not add “Release Form”. Are you sure that the system asks for filling “release form” to submit? Just leaveI it empty. I always leave “Release Form” form empty, and it’s ok

If i leave blank it still ask to fill it while submitting

I have 72 items in my portfolio. I never sent a “release form”. Can you show the screenshot?

this the error i am getting while submitting

Did you do what the error message says?

Indicate that you have the suitable licenses!

Yes. Looks like you have not ticked the “Any images, sounds, video…” point (look at the attached image :arrow_up:)