Release Form in uploading title animation pack

I have uploaded a title animation pack, first time in videoHive. I couldn’t see my upload after 12 hour of upload, on my dashboard.If it is hard rejection, can you please explain the possibilities for rejection? I didn’t included Release Form. Is there any issue with that?. I didn’t used any third party images or footage content in my pack.

Hello. The reason is design or lack of commercial potential. If you want advice from other market authors, show the video preview of your rejected item here

Thank You So much ! Here the link of my work.

Basically as written above. Look at the market and all the newly approved projects. Yours needs to be just like that in terms of quality/quantity/value provided, but also (VERY important) - unique and somehow different.

But your project has at least the basic eased animation done right, so that’s that :smiley: Now just upgrade the designs into more unique ones, make unique and different animations and you might have a chance of approval!

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Thank You.

Hi, Could you please look into our new work. This also rejected today.
Blow Logo Reveal
Please comment your thoughts.

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