Release a License, for purchased plugins when a site is renewed

Purchased Theme, purchased additional Pro lic for Slider Revolution, but the site is rebuilt from the ground up and locked the lic for Slider Revolution, without just purchasing new licenses I want the lic released to be used on the same domain. I have really now way contacting and you made it extremely difficult creating ticktes or even contacting the makers of the Plugin. I really am frustrated by the process of getting owned licenses released for activating purposes on the same site.

Not impressed with the Forum, and level of easy communication.
Not the least as you seem to purchase support for 21$ for the cost of a lic of 29$ does not make a lot of sense, other to increasing profits.

What about customer service and easy communication.

Please have Slider Revolution release my own owned license to be re-used.
Without having to buy another license I already own.


Try this (and check the link on this page for more info)

Hi @wiicco1312,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. Try using the link shared by @charlie4282 and see if it helps. If you need further assistance, you can drop us an email at for further assistance.