Related to amy movie theme

Is anyone there to help me?
I am using any movie theme, when I am importing movie from IDBM importer, The movie is only going to genre not in any category, How to fix this, So that after adding movie it should go to category not to genre only.


Envato Studio is a freelancer platform. If you would like for doing this job I would certainly recommend one of the experts at Envato Studio.


Sir, you didn’t reply my question.


Assuming you have purchased the theme from envato market then please contact Item Author to get item support How to Contact your purchased Item Author and let them know. Item author will be happy to assist you.


I don’t see a theme by that name but as @mgscoder said - assuming:

  1. it’s from envato
  2. you are within your support period
  3. the imdb plugin is a part of the theme and not an additional thing that you are using

then it’s definitely the right option to reach out to the author


The name of theme is Amy movie, When I am importing movie by the help of IDBM importer plugin, the movie is being imported by genre not by any category, And pop up is coming movie added and there is no option to select the category when importing movie.

I purchased theme from envanto, that is why I am posting this issue here.

Can you share a link to the theme on Themeforest?

Please contact your purchased theme author from here:

Theme Author will be happy to assist you because theme Author are best expert about their theme functionality.