Related Posts displaying all same featured image


Using WP 4.9.5, ThemeForest and Featured Image From Url plugin, we are experiencing the following issue:

When displaying a post and the related posts (at the bottom of the main post), all the related posts display the same image: the featured image of the main displayed post. Looks like the related posts are unable to find out the correct post_thumb_id, which is always set to -1 in our case.

Does somebody already experienced the same issue? Cannot find any clue anywhere…


Answering myself…

Found out a way to fix it :
File wp-content / themes / Newspaper / inludes / wp-booster / td_module.php - l319

Replace $td_temp_image_url[0] by get_post_meta($this->post->ID, 'fifu_image_url', true)

Not sure it’s the better way to do it, but in my case it does the trick. If it can help…