Related post plugin

We are building a food & drinks magazine.
We have our content in 3 main categories

  • Recipes
  • Drinks (wine and beer)
  • Articles
    For food recipes we need wine recommendations from our wine category.
    It should work as a semi-automatic, probably based on sub-category (cuisine/country) for example.
    Example level 1:
    The French recipe would have French wine recommendations.
    Example level 2:
    The French steak recipe would have French Cabernet Sauvignon recommendations.
    Example level 3:
    To bypass automation and give manually exact wine page for recipe.

For level 2 we probably need to add tags for the recipe page that matches the wine page “Cabernet Sauvignon”.

Is there any plugin available that could handle that? I am thinking of a related content plugin.
It would also need to work in a multilingual environment (2 languages to start with). It does not have to be free plugin.

Appreciate your recommendations.