Rejects! Need advice and help

I need some advices about my 2 rejected tracks.
this one
and this

Not to be harsh, but the first track sounds like a school band practicing and each of the guys having serious problems with timing. As soon as the drums kick in, the track completely falls apart. Similar problems in the second track although not as bad.

Overall these tracks make an impession of guitar (practice) music rather than dedicated production music. Try to think more from the user’s perspective and take it from there.

Finally, I am not sure why you are using a left extremist terror logo for your music but you will have your reasons I guess.

Anyway, good luck.


The last point was hilarious. Hilarious cause it is true :smiley:

Thank you for feedback! I appreciate your comments and humor. About logo, yes my music is terror for ears)) but no political or other meaning in this picture! Peace!