Rejects and review time

Hi guys,
after having all the tracks rejected,
decided to ask your opinion before upload…
next, all the tracks rejected here are accepted on pond5, so, they are not that bad…
so, what’s the matter? Maybe it’s all about style?
And why the review time is so long? Now my track is awaiting 26 days already, is it normal?

And this is a track to be uploaded:

Thanks in advance

Guitar sounds like midi and is too loud compared to the other instruments. it that helps you any.

thanks for your time, as for midi, I listened to that famous riff just 2 minutes ago
(Money For Nothing) and found that one of mine sounds no worse (no creativity,
just sound):

Ouch - no offence but comparing your guitar sound to Mark Knopfler’s is a little far fetched - I cannot believe you really hear no difference here. :sunglasses:

Regarding your track: It sounds extremely amateurish in terms of composition, production and playing. It has an unpleasant, rough sound which to be honest is hard to listen to. Your choice of harmonies and rhythms appears almost random and somewhat chaotic. The mixing is bad too and adds to the problem - I can only guess here but it is either a problem with your mixing room and/or experience because the relationship of instruments is completely unbalanced in this track. Imho you should take some time and work on your skills before uploading here because I am very sure that this track is going to be rejected. Some suggestions: Start with a very clear musical motive, make it catchy, don’t use too many instruments, focus on a few elements instead and try to make them sound as good a possible. Keep coming back for feedback - good luck!

thanks for detailed review!
Really I already thought that reference gear required,
yes, I have studio monitors, but another pair of speakers in addition would be good,
also the room isn’t dry and it damages a sound

The motif is very good. But pay attention to the sound of the guitar and compose a song more smoothly.

But do not despair, a lot of my songs have been rejected at first time. But now 100 percent approval. I think you will succeed!

thanks for your kind words,
well, I think, it’s necessary to listen to more tracks here to achieve the most required
sounds/styles, because what I do is what I like, but I should do what many customers do like…
now I see the first way to go:
download some tracks from here, then place them into my DAW and use them as the reference songs

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Hey alex, it’s a process don’t discouraged i had countless of rejection before, in time you will be better. check out this youtube channel for some insight and tutorial : and check this composing walkthrough from AGsoundtrax

Thanks, will do

Very hard )))) But I like it )))))

Thanks for your input,
but I think this isn’t that hard/heavy…I have much harder things, but I’m afraid to upload them
here…and this is sad.
By the way, to come up with guitar riffs is my hobby, so, if somebody needs some guitar parts,
then call me

You will , I believe in you , to boot ) the next time ) )