Hi. can some one tell me why this template was rejected? Note! I need specifics point by point and not a blanket response pls! if you not sure rather not say anything pls Shark Logo Reveal 2 Pac - YouTube

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hello, the answer is very simple;

  1. The design is very old. I haven’t seen such designs since 2012.

There is no binding element in the 2nd movements.
The logo shows up, but you can’t just have it show up with a line.

these are my opinion and these 2 elements mean that the project needs to be reworked from start to finish.

Let me tell you an example scenario.

For example, when the shark enters, it wags its tail and the logo is formed from the waves formed in the water. I explained this simply, but if you make a realistic design, this might be a nice logo entry.

Also, my advice to you is don’t expect anyone to be sure. Those who accept the project may not accept a different project because of its colors. No one can be sure why the problem is :slight_smile:

Cool thanks for the input

Sorry to hear of the rejections Muki

If we don’t accept your content, it by no means implies that your content has no inherent or artistic value, but simply that it’s not quite right for our marketplace and customers. It should be seen as a signal that this isn’t the right fit for what the team are looking for. Even some of our best selling authors still hit rejects and is part of the process when selling into a community.

Building great items can take a lot of care and a lot of work. Getting just one item over the line can seem hard. I can assure you though, the review team’s main objective is to get more high-quality items onto the marketplace.

That said, I do genuinely hear you and understand your disappointment and frustration; the rejection and feedback process can seem time-consuming and disheartening.

I certainly understand the benefit in our review team providing critique and feedback on all of the reasons this item has fallen short in this review, this would be invaluable advice for you particularly for any future item submissions you send us.

However, such feedback would be a service in and of itself and so this just isn’t possible and is not a sustainable benefit we can offer. So any hard-rejected item won’t contain any feedback and this cannot be resubmitted.

I will on this occasion go away and see if the team could provide some pointers, but it won’t be point by point as you have requested as this isn’t Envato’s role.

To ensure I set firm expectations here, it may well be the case that the team cannot provide any feedback here. So please do prepare also for this outcome.

I will come back to you as soon as I can.


Will Bishop
Envato Support


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I like the shark :slight_smile: