I tried very hard to observe all the quality issues
But I can not understand why this case was rejected

please guide me.

The image is too small for anyone to see what’s in there and give you advice. Add your Preview Image, not the Thumbnail

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Thank you for reply, I want to know where is the problem of my project, because I worked 2 days and really want to know how can fix the quality issue.
Can you guide me in detail?
Because I don’t want to face problems like this in future projects?
the rejection of the projects is disappointing.
I’m really tired of working to this project.

Preview Video:

I apologize!
Is there anyone who can comment on the weakness and disapproval of this project?
I would like to know what are the artistic weaknesses of this project.
I ask all expert friends to comment.

Hey, sorry for the rejection. The biggest problem for me are those shapes inside the logo circle… You know when you read brand books or brand guidelines they always say how much empty space you need to leave around the logo to give it space to stand out and to breathe. You totally choked this space up with random unnecessary shapes (those cubes forming a circle) :smiley: So that’s a big no no.

Else I think the designs are filled with too many unnecessary details. Like those triangle shapes at the bottom and the top… if you would remove them and those inner circles you could restyle these to be sort of cyberpunk like lower thirds :smiley:

And lastly… You tried to submit one original design and one animation. The rest of the lower thirds have just changed colors & logos… I mean cmon on, change it up a bit! :smiley: Add some variation, by placing some logos on the right side, text on the left etc. So that customers would have more options, for displaying names for people on the right side of the frame, or on the left side or even in the center.

Imagine having three lower thirds all aligned to the left side to display three people’s names in one shot while having an identical design where even the text alignment can’t be changed… (without destroying the lower thirds design, or having to rotate it 180 degrees and then fix the text/logo rotation…) That just wouldn’t look or work the best, I can already hear the editor cursing at you :sweat_smile:

Anyways, best of luck!

Unfortunately, I respectfully do not accept your statements.
I wish there was a bet between you and me
You accept my project and if there is no sale during the week, I will leave it forever.
I think it is important to know people’s needs, not personal tastes
By rejecting projects unnecessarily, you damage the market and cause losses


I think the problem is that there’s too many lower-thirds in the market, so unless you create something REALLY special the review process will basically be a coin flip.


Thank you for your answer. I agree with you. the big problem is the large number of products

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