hello, I was recently rejected a track, I’m interested in your opinion, what’s wrong with it, it would be interesting to read the answers

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Hello! Too much reverb! Combined with the very wide placement of instruments, this sounds strange and not monolithic. The problem is mixing. The music is fine. The mood of the track is conveyed well.


Thank you very much for your reply)

Hi, production quality and mix sound very dated.

I’m not an experienced author at all but, in which category did you send it?

I don’t know the rejection reason but I loved your piece. Just wanted to share! Good luck

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Thank you)

in what sense and plan is it obsolete?

not so exciting sound and not so commercial use (its pretty tailor made for specific scene rather than wide commercial use), but a nice emotional track! keep it up
also watch out for some dead monophonic sounds, its not so pleasant to listen to that

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