This is my URL. ThemeForest has a rejection of my work. so please help me.

Your design is too basic and inconsistent.

4 sections of a single landing page is not going to cut it. Your spacing and alignment is not bad, could be a bit better.

Some issues I was able to highlight (Keep note its not just the issues that got you rejected, its the amount of material)

  1. Portfolio section broken
  2. Images are pixelated
  3. The navigation doesnt get highlighted based on the section im currently on when I scroll (Basic single page functionality)
  4. Button :focus and :active effects are still Bootstrap’s defaults.

And you get the point.

As a suggestion, I would recommend you go look at the single page templates in the market, compare your products to theirs then decide for yourself whether this is enough to get accepted or not. As always, we hope to see your next submission soon! :slight_smile:

Your w3c error link: for so was hard rejected.

@androThemes @jeriteam007

Thanks for suggestion.

ok i will take care of this.

Smit Dudhat