Nevermind about this rejection. I decided to try one more time and redo some things about the design.

I think problem is design, You should systematize hierarchy and typography.

@ penguinsthemes2
I have no clue what’s the issue, could be something related to typography.
The issue is that, the term of quality standards is very vague. It seems like Envato only cares about aesthetics and not that much on code quality, reusability and so on. Even from a design point of view, the dashboards is pretty unique from the Vuejs dashboards people sell here.
I have no clue what are the quality standards when a vuejs dashboard states it works on IE 11, when in fact it does not even open in IE 11 (at least last time when i checked the console was throwing errors and was hanging, will not name the dashboard that is sold here that has this issue).
Now what do I have to do to resubmit the dashboard? After months of work, carefully taking care of details and trying to implement something unique to be easy for devs to code with, Envato will not say anything about what can be done. It’s that feeling like they just shut the door and no reason to partner with them. That’s the frustrating thing.
What kind of changes can I do to be able to resubmit the dashboard? Or is it basically scrap for them?

yeah, “quality standards” issue is about the design. You need to optimization design before upload again. Did you have a UI/UX designer in your team?

No designer in my team as the focus was to implement a clean and easy to use dashboard by the devs as I had some issues in the past with some dashboards that I bought from here. My past experience with the dashboards uploaded here was that they were purely focused on aesthetics and not on the developer’s ease of adaptation. I focused on reusable components to make the dev’s job easier. I guess this is Envato’s standards, focus on design and no that much on code quality or developer experience.
Would be nice if I could get some pointers about the design issues that may have led to this hard rejection.

I’m quick change your design for example, please compare with your current design. >>

hope this help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pointers. Your quick changes look ok.