Hello! Received a Rejected letter from Envato Market. Please tell me why this track does not correspond to high quality of Envato.
Thank you!

Hello! In my opinion the track does not look commercial.

  1. Too long intro, I would shift from 0:23 to the beginning. Better to start the track from 0:23.
  2. Panning is shifted to the right (track sounds “askew”).
  3. If you listen after 1:20 (I don’t quite understand the transition, I would just divide this track into 2 versions)
  4. Too much swing, it sounds not quite synchronized.
  5. I do not like the piano by the sound, most likely it is better to replace it with another one by the sound, and there is also a croaking and squeezing (maybe you overdid it with compression).

That’s all I noticed, good luck!

The first problem to me is programmation (everything is too much detached). Your notes in your melodic lines need to sound more attached and expressive. Use midi CC 1,7,11 more. Avoid samples repetition. You have desynchro problem too. It sounds too chaotic\clumsy from 1:40 to 2:18 (desynchro, too much stuff).

About the mix, it sounds definitely too dry. Your brass could be a bit less harsh (3000-4000 hz) and sparkle more (boost treble or cut with a low shelf a bit from 5000 hz).

Your percussion are a bit loud.

The piano sound is not very good (lack definition).

It doesn’t groove at all.