Rejection without logical reason

I don’t know what the foundations that who review the projects are built his decisions on , but I see an overwhelming mood in the assessments!
There are very simple projects on offer and excellent sales, although they are much simpler than my project which was rejected without convincing reason.
I see they forget that the project you didn’t like, for sure someone would see it very appropriate for him.

I am very annoyed by them, and the next project, if rejected, I will delete my ancient projects and I will search for another market that more reasonable in the assessment.

The project is nice & you put alot of work but you didn’t come with new idea, let’s say 20 items of such style were made. So, the market is saturated with such idea and style, I even saw items like yours. In the next time give new style and ideas.


I will do as you told me, i’ll try
Thank you for your response @HardEdgeie

You are welcome :smiley:

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Hi, I think your project is also too simple :smiley: It’s just a few basic text animations with rough cuts and zooming in pictures. Which could be fine if they were executed very well and dynamically + with some new twist or an idea.

First the text animations seem too basic. In most shots, there is no layering of different animations to create complexity. Like maybe you could animate the text expanding and then scaling in while moving up or down to create anticipation in preparation for another text to move in etc. But now there’s none of this. And when your whole promo halfway relies just on text animations to make it look cool, that’s not too good.

Second, the text design itself is boring. You know text can be thick and thin, really big and really small. All of these variations help to make the project dynamic and interesting. You failed to use these. The whole text is in the same thickness and mostly in the same font size. There’s only a few attempts of making the text bigger but they’re too little and don’t introduce drastic enough change to create enough contrast to really take this to the next level of “wow this looks really interesting and dynamic”.

Third, you even failed to align the text properly on the screen in some scenes:

See the big space on the right after the word “images”? Like cmon :smiley: Gotta pay attention to these things. The devils in the details as they say, and the details are what take projects from “average/good” to “wow, amazing”.

Fourth, some of the animations seem to ignore good design practices. Like on 0:16 it’s very jarring how the “on envato” words last letter “o” is traveling from left to right while overlapping and intersecting all the other letters. In good design you would never see a poster where one of its words letters is just randomly overlapping other letters while making the text unreadable and compositionally ugly. Unless you have an idea that you’re trying to communicate with such decision, but don’t think this was the case for you :smiley:

Now finally take a look at this ad:

That’s what I call a dynamic, interesting and well executed simple text animation worthy of being approved on Envato. Take notice of how smoothly the text moves, how it sometimes gets really really big or small. And how some text animations use animations principles as anticipation to prepare and lead into other scenes (0:25 “can do more” text rotation and tilt up that leads into another scene where the phone rotates and tilts down as a continuation of this move).

That’s the execution level you need to reach and then you need to combine it with fresh and a bit different ideas from what’s already approved on the market. Then you will get approved :wink: Best of luck.


First of all, thank you @Atamotion for your response and clarification
But I would like to respond to the points that you indicated, but we must agree that all authors without exception search for projects that have achieved success in sales and then design their projects based on the criteria for which those projects have succeeded, and I also found projects that have achieved very good sales (And it deserves it) even though based on the points you mentioned, it is not worth selling!
First, see the example

It is also a simple project, the text in the middle, and there is a repetition in the movement and there are no significant variation in the movement of letters, although it is still beautiful and achieves excellent sales, that is an indication that customers like this kind of work.
Therefore, the first point I do not see is correct.
Secondly, boredom exists in hundreds of projects presented in Envato, and sometimes I cannot complete a video preview, even though it has been sold dozens of times. What I and you see a boring work, that other people see fit for them.
although it does not boring.
For texts, go back and see the example and you will see my response.
Thirdly, you are completely right, I have missed this matter, and if this was the reason for the refusal, it was easy for them to alert me to this until I correct it and the matter is over.
The fourth point, you could not catch the movement, I did not move the letter (o) from the far left to the far right, see it well or see the word (easily) you may be able to know the movement that i made.
Note: The movement you referred to is in a previous project that was previously approved in Envato, see my Portfolio.
There is no basis for your opinion.
As for the example that you gave me, it is indeed a wonderful work, but if it was shown to one of the reviewers of Envato and was in a bad mood, the author would find this in his inbox:
Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “example” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

It may be because of the inability to read the text, see the time 1:22

Well, I think it still is correct cause your project doesn’t achieve the same level of text animation quality as in your example. That project does subtly layer text animations together to achieve that look :smiley: Your comment of denial makes me think you can’t even see the difference, or haven’t learned yet how these smooth animation are made.

Plus as you said these projects already sold well, in the past. Meaning you can’t create exactly the same project with an even worse execution level in 2020, which you just did, and then expect to get it approved and to stand out from all the better executed practically the same looking projects :smiley:

And yes not every project has to be dynamic and bla bla, but when you literally use just text and photos and there’s already lots of same projects, I’m giving you advice on how to make your project diffrent and perhaps more interesting than theirs. Remember the customers already have their “super simple basic” project needs met by an abundance of other already approved such projects. Or feel free to recreate the same things all over again at lower execution level while expecting to get approvals :smiley:

As for caching the overlapping letters, I just did: cathed it

Sure they might have approved a project with this animation cause the rest of the project was good enough, but I’m only saying that in my opinion, this does not look good :smiley:

My basis for these opinions is from watching approved, best selling projects on Envato and dozens of other motion graphics animations and having some grasp of what is a smooth, well-executed and designed project, and what is not.

And lastly, yes even the google pixel commercial text project would probably get rejected today. Why? Cause there’s already plenty of projects with similar text animations on the market. Plus keep in mind that commercial was created in 2017, now its 2020, so you can’t really get 2017 ideas, packaged in the 2017 way approved in 2020 market :smiley:

As I said, you need to reach the execution level of that commercials text animations quality (or even the quality of the above example that you shared). Not to copy every animation one to one, but to simply see, understand and learn to add all those little movement and details, which make these animations so smooth and cool. And only then you can use this “execution level knowledge” in combination with some a bit new and different ideas, to get your projects approved.

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