Rejection: What do you say

My logo been rejected. Maybe you can give suggestion comment on my submitted logo.

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Golden Cross Jewelry Logo” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

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hi indeed i like your item , i tend to believe that if the item was rejected this is probably because u have very small elements inside (and thus kind of much details) in the logo and that people here are really considering the logo in very small size … i guess the proportion for the tagling is not the right one, it should be a bit bigger in my view

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At the same time there are much more small details here.

I love it.
Sorry for rejection

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LOL yes and this is like this … i tell u something that is logical and tell u the way things are supposed to be … now … there’s got to have exceptions lol

That is why I would like in the letter of refusal to see more specific reasons, and not an abstract concept of “quality.”

quality is a difficult concept to explain … it depends on who is judging necessarily and from their expectations, experience , work philosophy and so on … some of my friends had huge items rejected here and these items are selling badly somewhere else … but maybe here it would not have worked, hard to say …

It seems I understood the true reason for the deviation “in quality”.
Since The specifics are not written in the letter of refusal, it took me a while for detailed research.

With the next deviation, I decided to check the downloaded file more deeply and found out that:
Since I have long abandoned Adobe products and work at Inkskape, I still needed to export the source files to *.eps and *.ai. The only reason to keep this “combine” is at hand.

The image shows what happens when you import the perfect .svg file.

  1. The Illustrator breaks most of the nodes, duplicates them. For clarity, I moved the node and one radius.

  2. The ideal location of nodes on the grid in Inkskape. Original file.

  3. The source file is open in the first available free editor, Gravit Designer. Perfect.

  4. Figma. Nice.

Thanks and bye, Adobe - it’s truly standardized software in a graphical environment :slight_smile:

happy that u could understand :slight_smile:

Nearly. Since the created similar element only in Illustrator leads to the same result (1 pic.)

Therefore, if there were a couple of words in the rejection of the real problem, rather than a standard phrase, the designer understood better what to focus on.

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yes clearly but this is not what is going on here , we may deplore it - and many people did already - but this is way this far …