Rejection on good track. Or maybe i'm wrong? Guys please give a review

Guys, i’ve got rejection but usually I don’t care just move on, but i think its not bad, what do you think? Am i missing something?

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I think it’s a good arrangement. After a quick listen the things I heard that might have forced rejection are:

  • The guitar bends are too prominent at times (especially for a corporate type track)
  • There is too much dissonance a couple times between the 2 guitars (bridge in the first version)
  • Some times the ethereal type reverb causes some extreme “swooshes” that stand out
  • The cymbal roll at the end sounds like it’s cut off before ending making the ending a bit abrupt
    Hope it helps. Good luck!

MidnightSnap, thank you for the review and comments, they are helpful. I think its really to much for a corporate track and not so clean.


nice track! but I’m agree with MidnightSnap, too loud and dirty guitar and sometimes there is dissonance in the track.
You should put all your instruments down deeply into the item, and compress it in order to “glue” all tracks together I think

and work on the mixing and mastering


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Thanks man, for your time. It really helps

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