Rejection of the song. I'm new ! I am asking for advice.

Hello :slight_smile: I am a new user and I would like to ask you for advice on why my work was rejected.

Could it be that this song is on my Beatstars profile?

Could it be that this song is on my Youtube profile?


No problem being on other marketplaces as long as you are non exclusive and the other libraries are non exclusive as well. The track itself it’s too long, I don’t know if it’s a reason of rejection but ideal time is between 2 and 3 min (afaik). Good thing is you have two different sections with breaks that could make editing easier, but I think you could have even more contrast in your track. You could add another element/layer to make the chorus more interesting, or having a C section, or a break, or ending the track in the 2-3 min range with a bigger chorus. Most of the time you want to avoid just copying and pasting sections. That’s something an editor could do, so it’s better to give them options.

The mindset that is working for me is not relying on just one track. If you are non exclusive just upload it on other marketplaces, don’t worry too much about rejection and just forget and move on. It’s more important to make new music instead of tweaking and existing track endlessly. Avoid your previous mistakes in the new music you are writing instead of trying to make a single track “perfect”.

I hope this helps

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thank you very much for valuable advice and information. I will try to work on the utowr, and make more diverse sections, as I will probably divide it into shorter parts. Greetings from Chełm in Poland :slight_smile:

i think is a mixing problem, the bass doesn’t glue anything, sounds a bit weird, good luck!

No good drummer in the whole world would play the drums like this.

Hi there,

My guess is that the backwards intro isn’t helping, the first time listener is not going to be able to pick up the beat/tempo/feel without some kind of cue. If anything put that part in the background and put some more conventional rhythmic elements over it. Other than that, everything else has been said!

Still, nice sound, keep it up!

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