Rejection of the logo

I don’t know why my logo was rejected, the logo is real estate with simple, modern and luxury element in it. and for the font, i have use serif font to describe its luxury… someone can help me?

hi I assume that your logo has very low commercial potential in the first place as this is quite simple and execution time is far not consequent enough for people to identify that they would save some time out of buying the item …anyonewith decent illustrator skills and knowledge would be able to replicate the logo in minutes so why buying if undo not save time and that there is no extra value graphic design wise ? in the same logics, why would the reviewer accept a file appearing as having little commercial potential to see the least … most importantly again, quite frankly, Ido not believe that there is any harmony and guideline between the illustration and text part , as for me I rather see dissonance and diverging style or at the very least no real harmony indeed … the preview also contributes to flatten your work indeed, as there is nothing really interesting being brought to the table with the preview, while a preview is basically the interface between u and your work in one side and the customers and reviewer in the other side, so that the preview must value your job as much as possible and look as goods possible to “sell”

thank you for the reply, and from what i analysis from your reply is :

  1. has low commercial potential because of its too simple, and have no strong identity.
  2. there is no harmony and guideline beetween the illustration and the text.
  3. lack of preview

but i’ve seen from another seller with very simple logo and flat preview like what i did, and thats aproved on graphicriver. :upside_down_face:

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I saw this twice. This logo is allot better compared with all you you post here. Also calling other authors work it’s a bit rude and against the forum rules. Mind your own items.

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no, I did not say "no harmony " , I meant not enough, not a “really visible one” … for the preview this is not selling enough and I would recommend that u try to put your logo in usage context , using mockups for instance so that buyers have a better look at what it would be looking like …

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thank you for the reply, i will modify it :grin:

yeah, idk why…, but i will make my logo better… :upside_down_face:

oh realy? so i must be do more research… :pensive: but btw, can i get the link of the logo you are talking about?

no he was not addressing u but Design_magic … I guess u misunderstood what he designsomething wrote :slight_smile:

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@DesignSomething I’m extremely sorry for posting other designer’s work here. I didn’t know the rules of this forum. I promise that I never do it again.