Rejection of the logo on Graphicriver why and what is the reason.

I decided to start uploading my interesting logos to graphicriver, but I got this response (((
We have completed our review of the “Chip Tech Logo” and unfortunately found that it does not meet the quality standards required to move forward.

How can you find out what exactly is the reason for the deviation?
But how to make sure that this does not happen in the future?

please upload your images preview because we can help you thank you.



Please upload here forum

oh sorry. Uploaded

First of all the art is to busy ( i really like it but not as a logo ), so it doesn’t realy look like a logo to me.
second, it is a tech logo but the chiptech font is a very basic font and not a futuristic one.
So i understand that is is rejected.
This logo will never be approve in this way.
So i prefer to forget this logo and make a very new one…


I understand you, thanks for the answer. I will keep in mind

I think that the icon is not as logo, and typography is not good for approved because letter not is good and lack add below of text logo “your tagline here”, I understand why was hard rejected. Try make icon as logo and typography but you can see inspiration other logo in graphicriver approved. Thank you.

thanks for the answer

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hi I guess there is a confusion in your mind between a logo template and a custom logo … basically enough, a custom logo can be whatever u like if u manage to sell it to a customer. As long as they accept it, they will use it, even if this is not matching the standards of a logo … Though, a logo template is meant to be used by many people and needs to be accepted so that this is making it for sale. Here is the thing. Your logo, at this stage, is having too many details. And it seems that logo are always considered in small size here to get approved, too … as u may probably understand, a logo with too many details will look sort of bulky in small size and most of the details will tend to “be lost”, this will rather appear as a confusing shape, which is very much of a problem. Moreover, the very center of the illustration is made of even smaller part - the chip one - which , then, looks like a simple square. In other words, u end up with something that is making far less sense when it comes to concept … I Amy also add that the greyscale version is definitely not selling and that completely black one would have probably looked better. I tend to believe by the way that your logo is better suited for one color. In any event, lines are too thin and I do not think that u can make it for sale here with a logo using such thin lines. Otherwise, the typo is coherent but keeps being quite simple indeed and the changing color inside the name makes very little sense as this is impacting the way the name is read and in particular the hierarchy is altered , making both part get into two different levels, so to speak , when they should be in the same one. I would also increase the text part, especially for the “vertical” version as the illustration , at least it seems to me, is prevailing too much over the text one, when a company will need their brand to be visible , seen and remembered as much as possible

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no this is not required to put “your tagline here” , “company slogan” is quite fine , too. Besides, this is not an icon that there is here , but rather a sort illustration as this is too complex a shape to be “an icon”

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thank you for the extensive explanation, I will work on my mistakes and improve my skills.

Sorry I wrong, thank you for your feedback.