Rejection of my composition


My composition was rejected and I would like to have some comments to help me in my next productions.

Here is the link from Soundcloud : Amy H. Winter | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Hi, not bad but too experimental. The instrumentation is too complex and sounds a bit dated. But the composition is not bad at all. Good luck.

When you say: The instrumentation is too complex and sounds a bit dated.

Can you be a little more explanatory please?

Thank you for your comment !

Yes I think it’s too experimental, I will try to make more standard compositions, it may be my progressive side that comes out a bit.

@AmyHWinter . Hey Amy. The track is well written, but it doesn’t have much use in the context of stock market library. Your music is a bit too convolutive and complex and it will deviate the focus towards too many elements simultaneously. Try to work with maximum of 2 or 3 elements in the same time. The textures are ok but they are taking too much space and ,also, diminuates the dynamic range of the mix.The arppegiators are quite obsolete. This kind of arpeggiator were overused in the era of Nexus and Virus. More concise and detailed , loose everything that doesn’t belong there. Good luck with further updates.

When you say: Try to work with a maximum of 2 or 3 elements at the same time. I am not sure I fully understand. In an orchestra there are a lot of instruments so 2 or 3 that doesn’t make a lot.

Did you mention my introduction?

Do I have too many items there?

The worst part of all this is that I had removed hihi!

So you tell me that if I remove textures (melody, pad etc.) it will have the effect of increasing the dynamics. Me who was looking for how to increase it. I will try this.

For arpeggios you are right that they are used a lot, but they are still very present in music on TV (stranger thing and 1917 for example).

Thank you for your comments, they will be very useful to me.

When i say. ’ 2-3’ elements is because the human perception, any senses involved, not just the hearing, may focus at three elements in the same time. Either is sight, hearing or touch. Thats the method pickpocketers are using. Bad analogy but this is pure truth. They are touching your knee, your shoulder and your third sense, which is your wallet, is gone.:smiley:. In graphic/gaming is applied as tunneling vision.
Regarding the orchestra. They are playing in dialogue.They are forming a sound based in multiple timbres. Everything works synergically.
When i said textures, i didn’t mean to eliminate them. Just be sure they are at the right volume, just about to emphasize the emotional part of your track. As for your other elements. Try to make your tracks work synergically. Sometimes dynamics is missunderstood. In order to achieve good dynamics and movement you need to create space, headroom for your sonic material. Is like you’re trying to put 2 liters of water in a 1 liter recepient. Here we are. Debating on a stock music board. Hilarious. Just keep it simple. For average consumers. Ukulele , glockenspiels, :joy: , kidding. Good luck, take care. PS. Stranger Things is a reminescense of darkwave / electronica and some 80 films, videogames, etc. Is an amazing authentic work. There are some stylistic , deliberate choices that have been made . The worst thing is not to sound like 30 years ago, but to sound as 5 years ago.

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