rejection of my banner

hi why is my banner design rejected due to envanto quality. please assist me

Because 1. You use blurry image, find hd quality and 2. Your typography need more work. Try more my friend! Even buttons “Buy Now” are wrong. See some examples on envato category and design your banner from scratch. Cheers…

hi, sorry to say just that , but u have a whole lot of work ahead for the whole thing to get approved … first of all, i am not sure this is due to the preview or not but the thing has been compressed unproportinally reduced horizontally but not vertically and this is not good a preview for this … after that, the choice o typos and typo combinations is not good, u need to bring more work to the table. The divider is also too plain and doesn’t look good. the button is not worked out enough and doesn’t look good. The whole thing is too plain and not clean and clear enough to ever expect to got through