Rejection of Logo Templates

I am a newbie at GraphicRiver. I have had recently submitted two logo templates but they were hard rejected, I don’t know why.? Can anyone give me suggestions for my future endeavors.

hello, please upload a preview image because we can help you. Thanks a lot.

How to upload a preview. Please help

Sorry, it doesn’t look very good, it needs bigger, thanks.

Ok. Thanks once again.

LOOOOOOL u are afraid that someone is copying a rejected item or something , buddy? lol your thumbnail is so very small that this is hard to see anything much … though what i can tell u is this. A logo required that u have a name written in a good typo (where u show attention about pairings, selecting font combinations, adding possibly some variations as well), what u do not have at this stage, so that if u post this as a logo it can only be hard rejected … (they will consider this - i mean without consideration or aesthetics or whatever as being placed in the wrong category which means hard rejection anyways …). IN addition, despite i cannot see well , this is the bottom line, i can tell u that the logo is not well presented and is globally too simple and flat for such a hard category like this one. There are many products in the catalogue, many guys in town and efforts are expected everywhere but in particular in this category … Let’s face it, what u have right now can be redone in less than 5 minutes, so , basically enough the potential of the concerned item is pretty low, after all, why would anyone buy an item something over 30$ when they do not even save significant time out of buying and that the item could be redone without having huge knowledge or capacity of graphic design tools …

Let me know whether there is a way to preview my own logo templates as it can be viewed by the buyers, which I have posted on graphicriver. I am asking this because I am a new comer on this platform and I am absolutely not getting the points raised by you unless and until I preview them myself.

If you use the upload button marked by @JeriTeam above but upload a decent sized image (minimum 1000px wide/high) and not a sub 100px thumbnail then it will be more legible


hi u just select the main preview file that u sent , not the thumbnail that will b fair enough to see already …

Is it possible for me to preview the uploaded files through the eyes of a buyer. Please help.

And also how to look for the preview of uploaded files.

Just upload the exact file you submitted here using the icon below - that way you would get feedback from both buyers and authors

It won’t be visible as a preview on envato until it is approved

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Can you please check once again and let me know what mistakes I have committed and what is the solution for the problem, so that I did not commit those mistakes again. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

What the connection between your design and this company’s logo?

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Look man, I understand that you are willing to get a logo for a company who deals in developing and installing doors and windows. I am myself a civil engineer and will try to built a logo for mammoth construction according to the business in question. I also did’t know polish, but I am trying to translate the web ifrom polish to english language for better understanding of the logo. Please guide.

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All we are asking is how is it that your submission is an exact copy of their logo?

There’s no need to translate the page - that is their company logo.

Whatever you submit has to completely original designs. It cannot be a copy of someone else’s work, stock images etc.

The reviewer may well spot the similarities which would mean immediate rejection

Answers to your points:
I don’t know how is it possible.


This design is original that I have developed applying the Golden ratio circles.

The original Adobe Illustrator file is with me. This is not a copy at all.

Well it’s clearly identical - if you have the original artwork and can prove it is yours then you should be contacting them about royalties etc. they can’t just find and use your work for free

OK. I am not in a position to contact them for royalties, etc. But, this point is not clear “they can’t just find and use your work for free”.

So, many thanks for being with me.

Thanks and Regards,