Rejection of Funky Carefree track

Please help me understand what’s wrong (or not marketable) in this track… thanks for listening and your opinion!

Hi @davedondee, I really like this track and it sucks that it got rejected - I could see this working great in a whole lot of scenarios! My best guess is that this style is too far to the edge of the corporate/motivational/feel good genre that tends to dominate AJ. Sorry for the rejection - hopefully the next track goes better!

Thanks for your feedback.
Apart from my particular care, but maybe AJ should give a short multiple choice to its reviewers, such as: 1. Quality of composition 2. Quality of mixing/mastering 3. Not right for our market… nothing too bothering for reviewers that already have a tough task, but a useful indication for us authors.

Sounds like an entertainment keyboard, nothing special.

Overall I think the mix is lacking some punch. It’s just a bit flat, especially the drums. Composition-wise, it’s a little strange. It starts with a nice 70’s style which is fine because it’s a fashionable retro decade, but it veers into 90’s territory in some parts, which is probably less desirable for reviewers. I think the synth is the main culprit for that. Also, I think the marimba gives it a childlike tone which doesn’t suit the style.

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Thanks for your feedback, sure some things to think about for next submissions!

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My pleasure Dave. Good luck with your future tracks.