Rejection of Flyer

I have uploaded the flyer and got rejection mail with default message within 2 hours.
Please help me.

hi , this is rather cool u have a cool base to work with :slight_smile: the central composition is nice , now here is what i would personally do …

1- central composition
this is cool but i would decrease slightly its size to give a bit more space for everything else

2- background
if i were u i would make it a bit more lit … at this stage nothing is transpiring from it and the crowd in the back is not very meaningful … trying to suggest a bit more germany or oats r whatever would be appropriate in my view …

3- shadows
drop some shadows to polish the result in the composition, it will take your game to the next level

4- spacing
free some space a bit for the footer … this is cool but not breathing at this stage … if u decrease slightly the central composition u can do this easily indeed … BTW u should increase the space between lines too …
for te header this is the same … too close from the edge and not outstanding enough , let me remind u that this is supposed to be the club out there and that this is supposed to be one of the very most important information , so this must spring out …

5- light lines
your light lines in the back do not look realistic , if u want o keep them u should put them slightly unto increase the feeling of depth and perspective and to convey the feeling of a ground and horizon line

6- time information
for me the positioning looks like “random-like” i believe that u should place it somewhere else …

7- hierarchy of information
pay attention to make the most important things pop up and those which are not essential look more secondary …

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Thank you :grinning:

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