Rejection. Need feedback!

Hello! Received a Rejected letter from Envato Market. Please tell me why this track does not correspond to high quality of Envato.
Thank you!

Wow a masterpiece.

Audio Jungle reviewers aren’t too keen on dissonance so some of the more abstract melodic choices and off key notes might be the main reason. The abrupt ending too makes it less usable for video makers. I would also work on making the string sample sound more realistic.

Hey, IHEIF! It’s a really pretty song! I just want to add on a bit to cris’s feedback. I think your dynamic range is a bit too much. It gets so much louder at times, which makes it really hard to find a good listening volume. I found myself having to adjust my volume over the course of the song.



Thank’s! I realized, this song not in the style of AJ :slight_smile: