rejection for second time for php script on codecanyon

I have uploaded a php script and it is rejected for second time, I have real all the quality standard word by word and I can not find a reason to reject !
Demo :
Documentation and support :

thanks to help

Crypto Trading - I can only think maybe with more and more people being scammed by Crypto Trading that platforms are thinking long and hard about what they are putting online. The script looks okay, but I will let others comment first before taking my word for it.

thanks for your answer. but there are a lot of crypto related products in codecanyon(e.g link) also my product is just a toolkit to connect to binance, it is not exchange itself.


I agree there are lots of crypto related products, so did Envato provide you with a reason as to why they rejected your script, or was it hard rejected, soft rejected?

The issue here however, is with the best will in the world, whatever we as forum members might say, or advise on, the fact is that it is Envato that make the final decisions on whether or not scripts are approved for sale on their platform.

For my bit I think your script looks pleasant to the eyes - it looks nice. But then I didn’t go into details and check all the coding etc.

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first time I uploaded, I received an email with “hard Rejected!” but this time I receive this :
Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Binance Kit - binance copy trade and third-party” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.
and also I don’t have the product in hidden items tab.
I think this is unfair to the designers to reject their efforts without any explanation.

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I will be offline soon - its late here 19.52 GMT time.
But when an item is hard rejected then that is usually the end - if you try to resubmit the item without any significant changes, you risk your account being locked out.

I cannot comment on why Envato team members reject items without more explanations. I am sorry that your item has not been approved, but I know Envato must receive countless submissions every day from would be authors. What I would say to you personally, is do not be disheartened. Wait for other forum members on here to offer comments and advice. It doesn’t mean that you are rubbish at creating an item - on this occassion, it just means that this particular item did not meet the needs of the marketplace or the reviewer concerned. DONT GIVE UP DOING WHAT YOU CAN DO is my end comment.

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I wrote Emails for Author team for several times, I message them on facebook, twitter, linkedin , no answer from any one. they say : “you don’t have to resubmit a rejected product and create a new product”,
I don’t know how can I create a new product when I don’t know what is my problem with my product ?
No one is responsible envato!
The only thing that I can tell you is that DO’NT WASTE YOUR TIME ON ENVATO !

Envato has established buyer communities in each category, and those buyers are generally attracted to certain kinds of items. The reviewers know this.

For PHP scripts, there isn’t a single kind of item that buyers look for, but the main winners are SaaS scripts that cater to lots of people and are easy to spin up and monetize, especially trendy scripts (such as those featuring AI right now).

Hard rejections come down to the concept itself being rejected due to a lack of sales potential or existing alternatives. These rejections don’t indicate any specific problems with your item, so there’s no feedback for them to provide.

I believe this is the case here. That’s not to say your item can’t sell – it simply isn’t expected to perform well here. There’s probably nothing you can change to fix that, without creating an entirely new idea, which is why they say you cannot resubmit it.

Envato has a good reason to avoid items which they feel have low sales potential: historically, they have always ended up as abandonware rather quickly. They’ve been cracking down on these kinds of items quite strongly in the last two years.

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Thanks @baileyherbert for your answer.
There are hundreds of reasons for product rejection in the authors guide, how can I be sure that the reason for my product rejection is the one you mentioned? While my product is rejected with just one word “Hard-reject” and without mentioning the reason!
it could be because of license issue, a bug in script, copyrights, documentations, commenting …
The review team has encouraged me in my email to continue trying to improve the product and design a quality product. Do you think it is possible to design a better product without knowing the reason why the previous product was rejected?

There seems to be some confusion between the two rejection types. Let’s go through these one at a time.

The requirements you see in the author guides are for general submission requirements. These cover things like documentation, general item presentation, and packaging.

If you do something wrong here, you will receive a soft rejection. The reviewer will specify what’s wrong, and they will ask you to promptly correct the issue and resubmit the item for further review.

You received something different called a hard rejection which indicates the reviewer did not believe your concept was a good fit for the marketplace. This is entirely subjective, and so you won’t find a list of requirements for it in the guidelines.

This isn’t quite right. These are all soft rejection issues.

If the reviewer likes your idea, and thinks the item will sell, then they want to approve it. If there are any specific problems, such as missing comments or bugs in the code, they will soft reject the submission, explain exactly what is wrong, and ask you to fix it.

A hard rejection is completely turning your item down. The only reason they will do this is if they don’t believe their buyer community will purchase it.

This is a generalized email for all of the various marketplaces and categories. The majority of submissions sent to Envato are design-based (graphics, themes, audio, video). This encouragement makes sense in light of that.

However, I would not say that it applies to code items. You should ignore that advice, it’s misleading and no amount of iteration on your concept should yield approval.

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thanks for your complete explanation.
But something is still unclear to me. the main problem about my product is to use php language or the main idea of product ?
in case its php, what about coding it completely with node.js?
in case its the idea, there is no product in like my product except one or two with very few similarities.

It’s not just a matter of similar existing items – as I explained, even if you bring a novel, high-quality item to the marketplace, the reviewer can and probably will reject it, if they don’t expect the buyer community here to be interested in it.

It will therefore be a combination of your category and concept. Changing categories may not change the outcome though. Some items simply won’t work in any category because they are too niche.

I’m not familiar with the JS category here and can’t advise on your odds, but what I can say is that crypto items have fallen off quite a bit and will have reduced odds of approval.

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