Rejection for minimum quality


How would we know the minimum quality requirements if there is no details about this, we received a rejection because of the high competition on the genre!? I thought Envato is a sharing platform for templates and digital content, not a public competition for who gets to be sold, if there is minimum quality or requirements please highlight them properly so we understand what exactly is needed to be met before submission

Thank you.

It depends on the category but while there may be some technical requirements, there are no fixed standards or guidelines beyond common sense best practice, as items should aim to be unique.

If you want feedback then you can share your demo here

The rejection we received wasn’t for not meeting technical requirements it was for not meeting the standard quality, which nothing in the website identify what “high standard quality is”

I attached some pictures from the project, it is a very easy to amend title screens for corona related reports, it was set up to be easily amended with beautiful 3D background renders.

I checked some corona related items in medical and I noticed some approved items there that are standard in terms of quality, so I am not sure what our project was compared with.

Maybe it would be better to share what a standard project looks like so we would aim for something similar to be approved.

Thank you.