Rejection Feedback - Is this track that bad?

First, thanks for your time and support.

I got this track rejected and honestly, I got confused.
Is it that bad? The funny part is I’ve got approved in a bunch of other tracks that are pretty similar to this one, so I’m not able to understand this decision and I would really appreciate your honest feedback.

jpaulo16 · Corporate Bright Motivational - Preview

Thank you!

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The track sounds fine to me, but what are those strange little edits at the end of the preview?


I am not entirely sure. I think the mix sounds a little bit harsh, feeling too many elements are kind of competing in the foreground (except for the kick and snare)
The cymbals sound a little bit harsh in my opinion. The synth at 1:17 sounds like it could use a bit of reverb or the other rhythm guitar (depending on what you want to be dominant in the mix)

I know I am not adding a lot of value, I am only listening as many times as I can and thinking out loud with you. Will be following the topic in case someone notices something I did not.

Sorry I was not able to help much, mate.
But I think overall you have a great quality and you won’t struggle really with rejections. Best of luck and don’t give up! :wink:


Too many crashes. Not suitable for video. Difficult to cut. My English is bad, I hope you understand.

my opinion, maybe wrong.

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Hello Jpaulo16.
First of all the track sounds good but I find it repetitive.
It’s almost three minutes with an idea of ​​4 bars.
A change in the harmony in the form of a bridge, for example, I think would have given it freshness.
That is just my opinion.

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I would agree to @Luminousposter. I guess tere are too many repetitions of that 4-bar-pattern. What I also noticed is the bridge from 01:40 to 02:04 - it sound very flat or thin…don’t know to find the right word. In general the sound isn’t that bad and the idea of the 4 bars is good. You tried to build a tension and change in adding and subtracting instruments, but I guess, that’s not enough to convince a potential customer.
What I liked in this song, were the drums, excepting the overused cymbals (I would agree to @RedLeafMusic).
I you try to extend your idea to 8 bars (or more) and if you try to build a harmony change next time, I’ sure it will be approved.
Don’t give up, you’re on the right way.


Hi jpaulo16. I mean, it´s a very nice sound but the problem is, the hole time there is only one theme with the same 6 tones. Your instrumentation is very fine too and it´s really variable. Try to insert a B-Theme or something like that.
Best wishes

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Thank you very much to all of you guys for taking the time to share your thoughts. They are gold!

I agree this song foundation is based on 4 bars, but even with 4 bars, there are breaks, tension, different instruments, and vibes. Indeed, adding a B-Theme could be a great idea and turn this track into an approved one.

I just believe the reviewer could, at least, mention something. They should provide any clear feedback about the rejection (Even short bullet points).

Btw, could I add a B-Theme and re-submit it?

Again, thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciated it!

@RedLeafMusic @St-TropezMedia @Daydreamz-Studios @ozgurmmp @HorstHoffmann @Luminousposter
Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciated it! :pray:

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