Rejection confusion and frustration

Hi friends

I’m not very experienced here. I designed my first items and uploaded 3 of them but they were all rejected and I was disappointed. The response I get each time is: “We have completed our review of ‘… Logo’ and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

In Illustrator, I designed the derivative of each element in the same document but on separate pages. I saved EPS, JPG and PNG files as separate files. So, for example, assuming a design with 6 variants, I created 1 file (6 pages) for AI and 6 files each for EPS, JPG and PNG.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could share your thoughts with me about my items and why they were rejected.

Thanks in advance

hi I do not get it , I have already commented all these items in another thread … what is the point of reposting here as there is only the pen one being new? the royal pen by the way looks great for me, apart from the imbrication being improvable for me , and the choice of colors not always being the most relevant for as regard to the theme and not always contrasting enough or valuing the item enough, if u ask me. I do not see anything more to tell …


Take every reject as a reason to try again, and try again and again, nothing is easy in life!
I also felt that way, and still today 8 out of 10 submissions are rejected for me :))) but no one makes fun of people here, we need to read and follow trends and open our minds, you have to read a lot of graphic news, or follow famous authors, you have to break out of your standards of beauty…and admit that maybe there is much more…


Your perspective is good and your thoughts are precious :wink: thanks

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Hey man, I made it like this so all my uploads could show up in one thread, as I said before I’m not very experienced here. Thanks for your comments

You have allot of potential. Just focus on details and you have allot of chances to get approved


if not much experienced, I definitely agree with @DesignSomething u indeed have far more potential than a lot of other guys

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Thanks for your helpful thoughts

Oh thanks… As someone who works with companies such as pfizer, cocacola, novartis, efes, boehringer, although i have enough design/creation experience, i think i can’t create content in accordance with the criteria of this platform for now. I hope things will change in the future

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no this is not the thing … creating for a platform is just about adapting the content , period, in other words, nothing that u can’t do …

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