Rejection confusion and frustration

Hi everybody. I’m an experienced designer working with stock agencies for years, but I’m fairly new to Envato and naturally to this forum. I designed my first items and uploaded two but both were rejected and I’m disappointed. Whereas, I had read a lot of articles and made an effort to learn the rules before submitting my items. It would be greatly appreciated if you could share your thoughts with me about my items and why they were rejected. Thanks in advance.

hi for me there are diverse reasons for the rejections. Ket’s start with what is in common, I believe that globally this is lacking finesse somehow some way. Everything in the logo looks a bit bulky if u ask me and I also tend to consider that there is an issue in the proportions between illustration and text parts. this could be improved indeed.

Apart from this, for the abstract logo only. The first thing is that there is no obvious connection between the name and the item or the style indeed and this is thus confusing as regard to who is the targeted audience and purchasing base for this item. Then, honestly, according to me there is a complete disconnection between the illustration and the typo, not only in terms of colors but also in terms of shapes and style. there is also a thing as regard to the global harmony with a “very vertical illustration” and a very “horizontally spread” text. Otherwise, there is no real concept here and I think that tend to “nail” your item

for the idea tech logo, once again there is something really not matching between the illustration made of quite rounded shapes and “particles” and things like this and the text that this very “squared”, which basically ills the harmony of what u have done otherwise> this gets even worse because of the imbrication. Unlike most of the people who tend to draw most of the part too far away from each other, in your case, u have done the other way around and the consequence is that the logo looks very compact and the lack of breathing is taking out some impact from the logo indeed. I assume also that for both logos, a bit more variations, font combinations and some touch of originality would not hurt to generate some more relief

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Your thoughts are valuable to me, thanks so much

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u are welcome, if u have enough clues as regard to what do pls check the solution box, thanks :slight_smile:


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