Rejecting, rejecting, rejecting ... why??? Tips would be appreciated!

After many rejections and only very few acceptances i would be grateful to the Pro’s, if you could make suggestions, what i should change in my tracks, to get them accepted. Here are a few links to them:

Many thanks in advance for helping!!!

I’ve had all 5 tracks rejected today. What is going on?

The first two tracks are good, nice background music. Maybe I would accept them if I was a reviewer. The third one gets a bit boring when it starts repeating. I briefly checked your portfolio and it is not that bad if you already have accepted tracks. It means you are on the right way, don’t give up. My suggestion is to listen to lots of other tracks in your category on Audiojungle and analyze them: try to understand the choice of instruments in accepted tracks, their structure and melody. This is what I do every day.

Great advice Vintervarg! Many thanks! I will do that :slight_smile:
I was thinking, maybe i have to much melody involved, so its too dominant …

Amateur observations from someone (me) that will likely soon have all of his first tracks rejected hehe:

  • Twinkling Unicorn: the sound at 1:08 sounds erratic perhaps (like a filter modulation artefact)? Especially the way it just comes in. Also it never really waxes, it just sneaks in, stays in the background, before leaving. Then the song just repeats its first half again.

  • Golden Puppy: 00:15 & 01:36 may be a bit of a sudden volume increase (l’m partially deaf, listening on headphones, so maybe l’m not hearing it properly). In any case, l personally wouldn’t mind. I think reviewer, like me, is a cat lover & strongly dislikes dogs, again like me. Lovely how you got the human vox into that track btw.

  • Her Happy Nature: perhaps too much of a tearjerker to be showcasing used cars with?

For all three tacks: I would have thought showroom music would be more lobotomised … maybe the genre needs changing? Just my untutored thoughts. I’m not in the industry.

Many thanks Cthone_Nectar for taking your time and listening plus replying. I will check those points out and correct them.
The term “showroom” is just used on soundcloud, its not the genre i put those cues in … :nerd_face:
Anyway … Thanks a lot and kind regards!