Rejectet issue

hi indeed u have several issues to deal with …

  • contrast
    some texts are not popping out enough or hardly readable as too close from background colors

  • spacing
    your block of texts are too close from each other they prevent the document to “breath”

  • problems with titles and hierarchy
    titles are not empahized enough and there is an impact on the global hierarchy of information, depending on how important information is u have to find a way to gradually make them more prominent indeed

  • uneven footer and header
    the footer is too close from the edge and this is even more seen as the header is much better balanced indeed which brings “disharmony” to the table and the feeling of unbalance in the process

  • illogical reading issues and misplacement of the logo
    putting the logo in the bottom left hand side is a mistake indeed as eyes are sweeping across the flyer from top left to to right and then slanted way down to the bottom left side to end up in the bottom right side, which basically means that you logo should be placed either in the top left of bottom right depending on what u want to focus the most on …

  • cut rectangle, what for?
    your dark cut rectangle is basically neither aesthetic but this is also hard to define what is supposed to be its role, just take it out and draw a line like for professional services , it will make more sense and it will look more professional and much cleaner

Hi thanks for your feedback. I learn a lot from you. Please see the attached once again. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.


hi why did u set the color to grey? this is not looking good like this , u may choose to do for the part “we deliver” but the rest as to be edited back to white indeed

the slogan on the top left is not well arranged … u need to have a more compact text inside, leave some space in both sides and make sure that the texts is well aligned vertically too

if i were u , i would make blocks of texts have all lines aligned , the left flag is ok in many cases but in this case this does not look as professional as it maybe …

u need to make sure that the hierarchy of information is logical and well done all the way

if i were u i would take out one of the blocks of texts in the right side and align “about us” and “why choose us”

u have a rather cool base to work this, so fix it all and i guess this should be ok :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for your support . please see the attached .


this is better buddy but u still have to try to improve for the top left part , the title looks too plain and does not pop up

I want to make myself as a envato author.

Please check the attached and let me know that can I?

u have a whole lot of work ahead indeed …

first of all there is a real issue of material balance … the lower part is crammed with things.
texts are too close from edges and they are thus not “breathing” and not outstanding and this impact the hierarchy of information as well. BTW, what is the interest to put a quote if the thing is not seen or close from being invisible … colors are too flat. Spacing needs to be reworked completely between blocks and so on. I have no idea what these octagons are inspired from , they seem to come out of the blue, it makes no sense and this is not even aesthetic, try to think about harmony and logics
logo colors and the flyer colors are different, why ?