why my item got rejected?

The design, it’s hard to mention one, it looks like it’s a structure instead of finished work.
There’re better free WordPress/WooCommerce themes anyone could achieve the same features/functions without paying for it.

I made the latest design, full features. midtrans, paypal and stripe.there is digital money.there is a feature of job vacancies and FAQs and a dashboard for shippers

The design is no good design, lack of details, some spacing issues, etc )

If you want to get the project approval, find a graphic designer first then change the UI/UX. You’re not gonna get approval with this design approach . ( Also with other projects you may have submit in the future )


You tried, but there are glaring issues that cannot be ignored. You need to look at current items for sale on the marketplace and aim to do better than what is already there.

It’s not completely bad, but it needs a hell of a lot of improvement and work as @ki-themes has told you.

My observations (if helpful) were:

  1. Incorrect spacing between footer section and content.
  2. Overall appearance is reasonable, but far from premium. Spacing, typography and overall appearance doesn’t make it stand out.
  3. In the admin panel no ability to edit FAQ that I can see.
  4. Admin App\Models\carrer" not found.
  5. Admin no apparent settings for things like server email setup etc.
  6. Admin, no direct link back to site.
  7. Home - font style in right hand side bar poor

Here are some screenshots on a PC Firefox browser:

Which hopefully explains some of the spacing problems