Rejected ??!!

My Item get Hard rejected and I don’t know why ???

Hello! Show a preview of your rejected item here if you want other forum members to give you advice

Your Movie DVD Cover looks very amateurish overall. Only a title and some ambiguous image / shape it is not enough to get accepted. The back cover has typography and hierarchy issues. Also why you put that repeated text on presentation background?

hi i think that there are a good deal of things to say about your item and that may explain why your item has been rejected indeed. Let’s get started.
1- titling and impact
indeed, the botton line is that what u have here is pretty much lacking impact indeed. I guess that the reason for this mainly turns out to be the positioning of the tile indeed, if u have any idea of what the z-shape reading process and the rule the vertical and horizontal 3 thirds are all about , u will easily identify why the positioning is the proper one this far and figure out, in the meanwhile, why your u did not give the maximum impact and exposure to the title . The thing actually is being increased by the fact that there is no real addition to the title and this is not coming to underline a main graphic. What is left to say about this part , too, this is that as u composed the title in the middle of graphic elements, the impact and the readability of the title and its ability to look outstanding all decrease gamely
2- global style
indeed, at the stage, in fact there is not so much graphic design in what u have done, there are some blood stain and text n one side and the same thing and a few flat vignettes in the b-side, which is too little at the moment, if u ask me
3- spacing
this is particularly true for the cover as the fact of the matter is that u have a upper composition what could be called a footer and nothing but black color in the middle, which is bringing me to the next point …
4- misbalance
this is the result of what i have explained just above for the cover but this is also particularly true when it comes to the cd artwork … since u have a big discrepancy between the upper part which is looking quite crammed and the lower part one, where there is close to nothing , and besides, we can reproach that u did not bring some text to the mix the concerned lower part that could be additional data about the disk or the movie …
5- readability
i identify that this is maybe looking a bit unfair as this is a bit related to the theme and used font but indeed, the readability is not great. ON the other hand, if the concerned font is an “artistic choice” u made, the kerning of the font is not the best one and increases problem linked to readability and same goes with the thing that i mention about mixing title and graphic elements, positioning of the text. Actually , this gets even worse when this is about the b-side … the kind of font that u have chosen for a block of text looks distorted and too compact, definitely not outstanding and definitely not much readable for what looks like a plain font … (if i am correct , as the preview is very low quality and this is hard to make sure …)
6- typo
indeed, i think that u have to be aware of the fact that typo is much of an issue no matter where u are posting and that much efforts are expected from u about it. At the moment , u are nowhere close to the standards as the typo is very flat , apart from the critical readability problems that i referred to. Introducing variations, font combinations and some touches of originality would help u to bring more relief to the table and offer something with more impact globally …
7- alignment
i am not sure u did on purpose or not but the “widescreen” text is simply looking badly aligned rather than any other thing and let me remind u that messing with a basic design principle is in no way a good idea , no matter which one this is … but people are feeling like u are violating it here …
8- presentation
i am really sorry to say just this but the preview that u have made requires that viewers put glasses on indeed … not only are colors not matching at all, but the same thing happens with the "text background effect … the shadowing is not credible either, nor i the global look , no one can buy it and sort of consider it as a "mockup " , just like this seems to be meant for …
9- coherence / positioning
indeed, most of the items have codes and people are sometimes very inspired to follow them indeed and this is exactly the case , here , with the positioning on the bar code, which is not only pretty far from aesthetic but also breaks usual codes
10- thumbnail
i cannot manage to understand why your thumbnail is made of some sort of a composition involving the title which is no where to be seen in your item … this is giving people a wrong idea of what the item is all about in the first place, not a good idea, if u ask me …