I am new here. My submission was rejected without explanation. I was wondering if someone might have an idea of why the attached track was rejected?
The Easy Winners

To my taste, the piano sounds very prickly, we need to reconsider everything in space.

Hi markgrand,

The title of the piece on SoundCloud is “The Easy Winners by Scott Joplin”, and doing a quick search on the internet confirms that it is indeed one and the same piece. Actually, the first hit in the search results was a YouTube video of the composer playing his piece.

When you upload to AJ, you have to tick the box that says something to the effect that you are the copyright owner of the material.

As far as I know, in most countries, copyright extends to the life of the composer plus 70 years, so the piece is out of copyright and you can probably do what you like with it - play it straight, rearrange it, etc.

However, I get the impression that AJ is looking for original compositions and not straight performances of existing works.

I’m fairly new here, so I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

Personally it doesn’t have the boisterous feel of a real saloon bar, l guess that’s where the term “ragtime” came from, “disorganised”, whereas your rendition is measured out. Maybe select area —> humanise --> job done!