Rejected, would like your feedback

I had this item on graphicriver, but I deleted it some time ago. And when I uploaded it with different title it got hard rejected. Can anyone tell me why?
Thank You

I don’t know the rules about re-uploading a deleted item.You can send a ticket to support to receive an official answer. But based on these days design trends your template looks outdated and it has many typography issues. The idea is ok. My advice is to re-work this template based new trends in typography and design. Look here for inspiration

no need to do re-submitting a deleted item is just forbidden and this he should not do this … in addition this risky to delete an item nowadays , the thing may also be hard rejected … so basically re-submitting a deleted thing is a don’t …

Thanks for reply

Thanks for reply,

I had a pack of 25 template all together which I deleted. I thought about uploading them individually. So I should not do that.

Also, can you take a look at one of my other template which was rejected and tell me if it is rejected because of re-submitting or it has other problems.

This one is better then previews one but still have issues

  • Overall kernings are off. Use real text instead of Lorem Ipsum.
  • Titles are not visible. Learn about hierarchy.
  • Icons are outdated.
  • Use white space in your composition. Your layout is too fragmented. The modern trend is about one layout from top to bottom or at least one view port long like this one or this one
  • You used too many pictures and sections for an email. Now your template looks like a landing page with wrong sizes.
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Cleared my doubts.


unfortunately i are with the bit harsh comment and appreciation from @DesignSomething, u have a whole lot of work ahead with this one …