Rejected Why?

Dear friends, please explain why this track of mine was rejected.
Thanks a lot.

Hello PtashkiMuziq!!! I will express my opinion. The music is beautiful, interesting and quite suitable for Audiojungle. The reason for the hard rejection of the track is a non-commercial sound. And now, I’ll be a little more specific about the mistakes made during the mixing. 1 - I hear turbidity and dirt in the sound, so the track does not have transparency (clear the resonances in each individual track, you can use EQ, I use iZotope RX for this and EQ from Fabfilter). 2 - the sound of the instruments is not clear enough (this is due to dirt (point 1 -), after cleaning the tracks of the instruments from dirt and resonances, it is necessary to give them clarity and sharpness in sound (increase transients) - a compressor or transient shaper or expander is used for this. And do not forget that when cleaning resonances and making instruments shine, do not overdo it, observe the measure. Please excuse me if I said something incomprehensible, I am not a native English. Good luck!!!

Hallo, Bobfox!
I am very grateful to you for your responsiveness.
You are very amiable .
I wish you good luck in your creation and good

Hi PtashkiMuziq
I think it sounds cool and unique. Just like backing for a video game with a jungle in it. Did you upload a version without the vocal at around 1 minute. Sometimes they don’t like that.
Good luck

Hallo, benmanhire!
Thank you very much!
Good luck in life and have a great work!