Rejected ... Why?

Hi there,

first piece:

  • I think the guitars are too loud / too much in the foreground.
  • Guitars could need proper EQing: 130 Hz are too loud, highs are too low, for example.
  • There seems to be no bass (instrument) at all. If you have one, it is not audible. It only sounds like you tried to fill the bass frequencies with the guitar. Cut them and add a bass to the piece.
  • Also the piece seems too short to me. It has some kind of intro which makes me think this piece is going to be longer. The legnths like it is now seems more like some kind of logo / ident. If this was your intention, I would make it even shorter and make it more clear that this is some kind of short logo / ident only.

second piece:

  • First thing I noticed is the beginning: it somehow just starts immediately, which sounds weird to me. Maybe it’s not that bad, I don’t know, but the second thing might be even more important:
  • To me there is a total lack of dynamics. All the voices just sound like you clicked in some note without editing them further and without giving them live. Real musicians would even add microdynamics to a single note, which had static notation, since … well, they are human. :wink: … try to add much more dynamic.
  • I am not sure, if it can be important, but to me the piece was rather short without happening much. Maybe you could try to come up with a bit more? I am not sure, if this can be a point in this genre, if it is done properly.

Good luck next time! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your comment!

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