Rejected ? Why? Where the errors?100% my job

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It’s just an animated camera with a simple frame and a bit of optical flares. Although it may have been accepted five or six years ago, the quality of slideshows on the marketplace today is considerably higher, so you need to be creating something that at least matches the standard of those.

If you search for ‘slideshow’, sort by best sellers, and compare any of the items on the first few pages to your item… you’ll get a better idea of what Envato is likely to accept and where your item might be lacking.

Bottom line is… although there may be nothing specifically ‘wrong’ with your item, that’s not sufficient to get an item approved these days. It needs to have lots of things ‘right’ with it as well.

I deliberately did everything as simple as possible
because now a lot of shape animation and 3D,without any style
Many buyers want it to insert your photo or video to the memory without
any problems without any excess of the design, or animation,and others’ ideas,
something like a flash drive, without any trinkets,
I think that many buyers want it’s,but my project is perceived in terms of design,
I did not want to do something nice design,I wanted to do a useful tool,
design eventually grows old but tool is necessary, and I made a tool for video memory. All ingenious is simple. And I do not understand that a few people. decide everything behind customers.
And it is suitable for virtually any music.

It’s just far too simple. The amount of time saved probably wouldn’t offset the cost of the template.

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I think your project should be approved. :wink:

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